Bye, GitHub Pages

To keep in spirit with New Years Resolutions, I decided to redo this page by finding a nice template and moving some stuff around. I am generally not one to click on adverts or even jump ship to new products, but the folks at Netlify seem to be doing something right. Previously, I had used GitHub Pages to host this; it did a great job, except I wanted one thing (even though, I serve static content, so the point is completely and utterly moot) – I wanted SSL. Netlify gave me free SSL via Let’s Encrypt, and furthermore, they made it easy. The set-up from start to finish was mostly cosmetic, I had to edit my A and CNAME records with my DNS provider and then just click a big giant “enable cert” button in my new admin panel.

If there is a lesson that is learned here: easy “one click” solutions that offer security are somehting that we need, especially if we are to stay safe on an increasingly hostile and less-free internet. I hope that 2017 will see the rise of these kinds of solutions so that we can finally get blogs away from 0day nightmares like WP. Time will tell.